THIS 8 HOUR COURSE is designed to prepare the CIVILIAN DEFENDER to deal with the inevitable eventuality of stopping life-threatening bleeding. With the ever increasing frequency of worldwide terror events, active killers, workplace violence incidents and motor vehicle collisions, knowing the proper techniques, tactics and procedures to keep you, your family, friends, parishioners, students and fellow countrymen alive until a higher level of medical care can reach you is ESSENTIAL! This course will prepare you for unexpected (but not unplanned for) emergencies!


  1. Your current medical kit or bag (if you have one…if you DO NOT, you’ll need to order one; see below)

  2. Pen and paper for note taking

  3. Clothing you don’t care about (that can be cut up…trousers and a t-shirt)


    Kit Contains:

    1 – H-Bandage (Flat Fold)

    1 – Compressed Krinkle Gauze (4.5″ x 4.1 Yards)

    1 – Gen-7 CAT Tourniquet (Black or Orange)

    1 – Compact HyFin Chest Seal (2-pack)

    1 – Gloves

NOTE: I receive no compensation from you purchasing this kit from the above listed URL. I’ve merely partnered with a Veteran-owned business to supply the life-safety equipment for my courses, as there has been a rash of phony, fugazi, “Airsoft,” grade counterfeit medical products on Amazon. While you can certainly buy the components of the kit, “a la carte,” the cost of the kit is quite reasonable, and convenient.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON THE CIVILIAN DEFENDER IFAK: The vendor that builds and supplies the kits for my classes, sometimes runs out due to the current high-demands that are placed on the life-safety medical equipment industry. If that happens, you can still order the individual parts of the kit, a la carte. The links for each are: