Dr. Sherman A. House is currently in his 22nd year as a healthcare provider, and is a Hospital, Special Needs and General Dentist just outside of Nashville TN. Prior to his career in dentistry, Dr. House was a Fireman and Emergency Medical Technician in Washington State. Concurrently, he was a Shotgun Messenger for several West Coast Armored Truck companies. He participated in security operations at the 1999 WTO Riots in Seattle WA. He holds undergraduate degrees in Law Enforcement, Cell Biology and Philosophy from Gonzaga University. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the Meharry Medical College with Honors in Nashville TN. He earned a Hospital Dentistry Certificate as the Chief Resident from the Metro General Hospital also in Nashville.

Dr. House is the originator of the CIVILIAN DEFENDER training concept. He has personally saved lives using CPR, Rescue Breathing, AED, TCCC, ACLS, PHTLS and Heimlich Manuever techniques. He has studied extensively in the defensive arts, both armed and unarmed, as well as self-defense law, emergency medicine, criminal psychology, tactical driving and other survival skills from Tom and Lynn Givens (Dr. House is a Rangemaster-Certified Pistol AND Shotgun Instructor), Paul Gomez, James Yeager (Inaugural Tactical Response Instructor Graduate), Gabe White (Light Pin Winner), Andy Stanford, John Farnam, Greg Sullivan, Rob Edwards, Yancey Harrington, John Chapman, Aaron Little, Larry Lindenman, Rob Pincus, Caleb Causey, Dr. Keith Brown, Dr. William Aprill, Chuck Haggard, Massad Ayoob, John Hearne, Claude Werner, Skip Gochenauer, Steve Moses, Darryl Bolke, Larry Vickers, Marty Hayes, Chief Lee Weems, Dave Spaulding, Andrew Branca and others.

This site was originally intended to be primarily about revolvers, but with the changing tides of the modern self-defense scene, as well as current events, keeping it revolver-centric, proved futile since there were other areas that needed inquiry, investigation and comment.  Thus, in 2016 Dr. House designed a training format/scaffold called, “THE CIVILIAN DEFENDER,” concept, and in 2017, he started offering branded courses apropos to that line of training.  Don’t worry…revolverscience.com isn’t going anywhere, but directing your browser at civiliandefender.com will get you here, too.

Dr. House teaches a variety of courses, and is the cofounder of the PAUL-E-PALOOZA MEMORIAL TRAINING CONFERENCE.  CIVILIAN DEFENDER courses apply primarily in the medical field of preparation, but Dr. House is preparing facilities and logistics to offer courses in specialized areas of self-defense as well.  Our current course offerings are:
CIVILIAN DEFENDER:  HEMORRHAGE ARREST COURSE (HAC)  4 HOUR AND 8 HOUR VERSIONS AVAILABLE (8 HOUR course includes scenarios, and also the IMPROVISED MEDICAL block) is designed to prepare the CIVILIAN DEFENDER to deal with the inevitable eventuality of stopping life-threatening bleeding. With the ever increasing frequency of worldwide terror events, active killers, workplace violence incidents and motor vehicle collisions, knowing the proper techniques, tactics and procedures to keep you, your family, friends, parishioners, students and fellow countrymen alive until a higher level of medical care can reach you is ESSENTIAL! This course will prepare you for unexpected (but not unplanned for) emergencies!

CIVILIAN DEFENDER:  DISASTER WOUND CLOSURE (DWC)  (4 hour course) In a disaster situation, do you have the capability to treat a laceration until you can get to quality medical care? What about a large scrape, or a burn? If not, this class is for you! This course is ideal for non-surgical health care providers, first responders, concerned citizens, international travelers, medical missionaries and the prepper community!  Following attendance of this course, the student will be able to identify, triage and stabilize/temporize these conditions: laceration (a, “cut”), abrasion (scrape or, “road rash”), and burns.  Students will also learn how to assemble a wound care first aid kit, irrigate and cleanse wounds prior to closure, as well as bandaging. They will also learn when to close, and WHEN NOT to close wounds, and how Dermabond (“superglue,”) and dermal staplers work.

CIVILIAN DEFENDER:  DISASTER DENTISTRY COURSE (DDC) (4 hour course)  In a disaster situation, do you have the capability to help someone that is experiencing a dental emergency?  If not, this class is for you!  This course is ideal for health care providers, first responders, concerned citizens, international travelers, medical missionaries and the prepping community!  Following attendance of this course, the student will be able to identify, triage and stabilize/temporize these conditions:  dental trauma (broken, knocked out, or fractured teeth), dental infections (abscessed teeth or periodontal abscesses), lost fillings or crowns, irreversible pulpitis (a dying tooth), mandibular/maxillary jaw fractures, fabricate a temporary filling, a mouthguard, a jaw splint, and other dental treatment modalities.  Students will also learn how to assemble a dental emergency kit (some products will be available for purchase), as well as learn the BEST ways to prevent dental emergencies from occurring.

I hope we all can learn more, and forward the self-defense craft, here at, “THE CIVILIAN DEFENDER PROJECT!” Email me at drhouse@civiliandefender.com for more information or to schedule a course in your area. I offer group discounts to religious organizations, businesses, public safety departments and training groups.

Thank You,

Dr. House


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