The, “5x5x5 Drill”


This is a great drill, for both the beginner and the advanced.  You’ll need a shot timer, and a range that has at least 15 feet of usable lane on it.  You use a target that has a 5″ (or smaller, if you want to make it tougher) circle on it, run it out to 5 yards, then fire 5 shots, in five seconds or less, from the draw (or from the ready, depending on the experience level of your students OR if you are using a long gun).  In preparation for my thesis presentation at the upcoming PAUL-E-PALOOZA II Memorial Training Conference, I expanded this drill slightly, to make it, “5 yards, 5 rounds, 5 targets!”  This helps get the speed of multiple target transitions smoother, as well.  A fun drill, brought to my attention by Kathy Jackson and Claude Werner, and originally conceived by Gila Hayes.

Stay tuned for more info on the .22LR RIFLE for Special Application, Home Defense!