When people see some of my photos, they always ask, “WHY FOUR SHOTS IN THE SPEED STRIP? WHY NOT FIVE? OR SIX???”

The answer is…in practice, getting four rounds into the revolver quickly, with a speed strip, is easy. Most people, myself included, fuddle about with the fifth round. If you need to top off a wheel gun, you need it topped off NOW! Thus, getting four out of five rounds in quick is easier and more importantly faster, than diddling with that last round. You can also use an eight shot speed strip, and load six rounds in it, with a missed spot in between each couplet. This idea was first brought to my attention by Claude Werner (The Tactical Professor), and also by Michael DeBethencourt (of snub training.com)

WELL THEN WHY NOT SPEEDLOADERS? On a duty belt, or when you don’t give a rip who sees what you are carrying, speed loaders are great. If you wear baggy shirts and can hide them, more power to you! For me, I simply find it easier to just slip a speedstrip into my pocket, and head out. But, as illustrated in the photo, the difference in bulk is noticeable.

I plan on checking out a new speed loader carrier from Barranti Leather (http://www.barrantileather.com) in the immediate future, so stay tuned for feedback on that.