Thanks for checking in, and welcome!

“The concept is simple…the pointy end goes in the other man.”

-Paul Everett Gomez, channeling Antonio Banderas in the film, “The Mask of Zorro.”

3 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. heard you on Talking Lead today. I dig the idea for the blog. I cut my teeth on revolvers and while I own mainly semiautos now I want back in the revolver game. I will be following. I would love to hear your impressions of the Ruger LCR.

    Keep it up, nice edc.

  2. The Tactical Britches crowd (as a friend calls them) often forgets that it is the BULLET that stops the fight. Not the actual gun. And that a full size bullet of at least 125 grains moving at 1400 fps is gonna be effective no matter how trendy a plastic automatic may be. Whatever advantage may be had by having an extra dozen less effective rounds on tap between reloads is trumped by the mechanical advantage of simpler reliability. To wit- the Rotate-Lock Up-Fire and repeat sequence of the DA wheelgun is by its nature less prone to disaster than the Fire- Unlock- Extract – Eject- Reload- Lock Up and repeat sequence of the bottom feeder. To quote Seamus MacKenzie, “if it still maims, kills or destroys a weapon is never obsolete….maybe not trendy, but if it works it works.”

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