15 yard target showing the great accuracy capability of this mean little bastard.

I am a Ruger LCR fan.  When Ruger first released these guns, I rented one at my favorite range, and was impressed by the gun’s easy handling, and very usable sights.  It was very light for its size; a good deal lighter than the 442/642 Smiths I was accustomed to using.

That grip though.  I get it…gun designers aren’t necessarily gun users, and what looks good in AUTOCAD doesn’t always work as awesomely in real life.  For the applications I use a small revolver, I expect them to work well in the following roles:

  1. Appendix carry IWB.  As a deep cover primary, or as a, “gym carry,” gun when wearing shorts
  2. Pocket carry.  For the rare occasion when I need to wear a thick jacket, and carry in an external pocket
  3. Ankle carry.  Where my snubs spend most of their time.  If I need my revolver when it’s on my ankle, I need it now.  Whether it’s a transition from my primary, or a grab (accessibility issue) while I’m seated or driving my truck, I need the machine in my hand NOW.  A more hooked grip helps with that motion.

To do what I need the revolver to do, the, “hook,” shape of the grip is a big plus.  I have big hands, and getting my hand into a pocket, and wrap it around a gun, takes space.  If the gun is hook shaped, that helps.  The hook analogy works well for the ankle and AIWB roles, too.  If you need to draw, you need that gun now, not later.  Unfortunately, the LCR in stock configuration, has the grip profile of a semi colon…it’s nearly vertical.  Which means that it is closer to the belt line when carried AIWB, and in the pocket, there isn’t much room for the stock, and the hand.  The grab to the grip is hasty and unsure.

One of my mentors, Tom Givens, is a fan of the Eagle Secret Service grips on his Colt Cobra.  I noticed the profile of the Colt stocks and the Ruger LCR stocks were similar in Eagle’s photos, so I figured it was worth the investment.  The stocks look awesome and feel great…until you start shooting.  That rosewood transmits the recoil impact to the base of the thumb like a tack hammer!  No bueno.  And yes, I know these guns are supposed to be, “Carried much and shot little,” but I like to shoot regularly, especially the guns I hang my family’s well being on, so I want something that I can actually use.  So, as you can imagine, the search continues!


This gun is every Steampunk kid’s dream. I’m looking forward to finding some stocks I love for this revolver.


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