The little gun that could. The LCR has a lot going for it. It is so light, it feels comparable to the Smith & Wesson Scandium frame products, but literally at a 1/3 of the price. Plus, the out-of-the-box sights are great, and they have plently of light on either side. Compared to most J frames of any vintage, that have almost NO light around the front sight. A smooth, rolling DAO trigger pull rounds out the package.


If you read my last article about the ongoing battle with the LCR, you’ll remember that I wished I could find a pair of stocks that I loved.  Well, I think I finally have.  This is the Hogue Monogrip for the LCR, sans fingergrooves.  It really ties the gun together.  This LCR throws wadcutters through the same hole, so I’m really glad that I found something I could really get a good hold on.  The grip angle feels far more like a pistol in general, and this set of stocks makes it feel even moreso.  I’m a surgeon…I can’t be needlessly battering the heck out of my hands.

If you’re a pocket carry guy (I’m not, really) then obviously these stocks will be way too big for that mode of carry, unless you’re Paul Bunyan.  I carry my revolvers at 12:30 AIWB, or at 4:00, and the stock length doesn’t matter so much there.  These are really grippy, too.  But I imagine they’ll, “dumb,” down a bit after rubbing against the firehose material of my jacket.

So, NOW the real testing of the Ruger LCR can begin.  Stay tuned.

The LCR with the Hogue, “Boot Grip,” which carries great but doesn’t have much to hold on to. For the smaller fingered/hand readers out there, I would look at this set of stocks if that is something you desire. But for the above average sized kids like me, you’re going to need something bigger if you plan on shooting this thing extensively. The OEM stocks are just OK…in terms of rank order, I’d put the Hogue Monogrip sans finger grooves FIRST, the OEM Hogue finger groove stocks SECOND, and the Hogue Boot grip, THIRD. The holster is a pancake variant, very nicely made by the great Sam Andrews of Andrews Custom Leather.


11 thoughts on “Ruger LCR UPDATE

  1. I enjoy your work with revolvers and look forward to the learning curve with the LCR>

  2. Thanks Sir!

    I know what you mean about fiber sights. It’s all a compromise. I like the fiber contrast. It offsets some of the far-sightedness that has come with “experience”

    Thanks for what you do here. It’s nice to see revolvers get a little attention too. They are good tools for some jobs.

  3. Dr House

    Thanks for sharing this post. I have been carrying an LCR off duty for over 5 years. Same trouble with grips you had. The OEM grips were awful for carry, pocket or holster. The Hogue boot grip offered by Ruger as an after market item is better for carry, but awful for shooting.

    Can you post (or email) a link to the new Monogrip?

    Related. I do not like the factory front sight. I replaced it with an XS fiber optic, but it now shoots several inches low at 25 yards. That annoys me. Do you know of a fiber optic front sight that is roughly the same height as the original ( I misplaced my original sight during our move and don’t have it to measure).


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