This is a podcast interview I did recently with Paul Carlson.  It’s a long interview, but I think we covered some interesting material that podcast fans will get a kick out of.  Paul is a great interviewer, and he asked me a bunch of really thought provoking questions.  I misspoke at one point when I referred to myocarditis…I should have said, “infective endocarditis.”  Nit picky detail, and there is a good deal of overlap between the two conditions, but I’ve had myocarditis on-the-brain lately, since I’m dealing with the sequalae of myocarditis, myself.  So forgive my lapse.

We cover a bunch of topics, including my life before dentistry, the need for pre planning, “defensive driving plus,” foiling carjackings, gang violence, “defining the threat,” The Tactical Professor, the OODA loop and Glycolysis, Dr. William Aprill and lion chasing, and a bunch of armored truck material.  I hope you have as much enjoyment listening to it, as Paul and I had making it.

Check out Paul and Safety Solutions Academy if you live in, or travel to, Northern Ohio.  Paul has a great civilian-centric curriculum, and he also features a number of traveling trainers, including  my Paul-E-Palooza co-founder, Dr. William Aprill!

Or, if you already have a podcast player, go to, “Safety Solutions Academy,” and I am show #62.

OR, the direct link is:

2 thoughts on “Safety Solutions Academy Podcast with Paul Carlson

  1. That was a great podcast. I really enjoyed listening to it. Also that was the first one I have ever listened to. I did not realize my iPhone had that feature.

    On a side note I really enjoyed hearing more about Paul Gomez. I found out about him as an instructor while I was deployed when I had internet access and could watch his awesome YouTube videos. By the time I returned home I had found sadly he had passed. I think any writings you would be willing to dtake to share your experience about him as a man would be worth the read. Thanks for a great blog.

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