My good friend Dr. William Aprill was recently so kind to mention me, and the CIVILIAN DEFENDER in his section of Massad Ayoob’s most recent book, “Straight Talk on Armed Defense.”

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William is a good friend but also my co-conspirator, er, I mean co-founder of the Paulepalooza Memorial Training Conference. William is also the most prevalent member of the pragmatic criminal psychology community around. His, “5 W’s Of Risk,” and, “Violent Criminal Actors,” should be required attendance for anyone and everyone who is concerned about self-defense or law enforcement. William is a former LEO, competitive shooter and all around renaissance man. I will be hosting him, and John Murphy, in the Nashville area March 3-4, 2018. In the meantime, check out Mas’ latest book that is literally a virtual who’s-who of modern tactical thinkers, including some of my favorites like John Hearne, Tom Givens, Ron Borsch, Craig Douglas, Marty Hayes, Spencer Blue and of course Massad Ayoob himself! Massad Ayoob was the first Instructor in the tactical world I ever studied, starting WAY BACK in the mid-eighties. I didn’t know that that William gave me a shout out, so imagine my surprise when I found out while just reading away! I lead a charmed life!


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